Love and Failure

Earlier this morning, I had to take a licensing exam.  I felt under-prepared, as we were given limited time and resources to study.  I figured I would go in and give my best shot, in hopes it would be enough. Unfortunately, it wasn't.  I did not pass, and have to re-take it.  I need a... Continue Reading →

Through My Eyes

When I gaze upon my surroundings, I see the trails of light extending around me.  They loop around tables, hover above heads. Like a flashlight beam that you have stared at too long, the reflections remain at the surface of my eyes.  I shift my eyes, and the outlines of objects follow.  I blink and... Continue Reading →

Meet My Anxiety

I thought I would share who/what my anxiety is. After all, it is a part of me. And perhaps it will help those of you who are like me - who are sensitive to the world around us, and who may have been through some difficult experiences.

Checking In

Hello! Happy Saturday! I wanted to let you know that this week has been absolutely crazy.  I had a job interview on Thursday (I'll be talking a little about it in an upcoming post) and I have a pretty big project with a final exam to complete this week on an online course.  On top of... Continue Reading →

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