Loose Ends

I wanted to make a brief post here - I may be on the quiet side this week as it is a bit full of events after work and I am working on tidying up some loose ends. I wrote down everything I have been procrastinating on, and have committed to completing them this week.... Continue Reading →

I chopped off my hair.  For a few reasons, actually. The first is, I chopped off my hair once before.  I loved it.  I loved having short hair, and I loved the flexibility I had with all sorts of different styles and textures that I could not play around with donning my long, curly locks.... Continue Reading →

What is Important

Yesterday, when I awoke to go to a typical day of work, my fiancé had confessed that his stomach was bothering him most of the night.  He said the pain was a 4/10, and radiated inside him.  I discounted my concerns about his pain because I figured it was my typical, nervous-Nancy, anxious tendencies.  After... Continue Reading →

Pursuing My Passion

When we think of productivity, we think of to-do lists, bullet journals, fancy planners, sticky notes, and perfectly aligned lives.  We see the Instagram posts, the "5 things to be more productive" posts, and fall in love with the ideal that we will become the latte sipping, beloved blogger in a cafe, equipped with dashing... Continue Reading →


For as long as I could remember, I always questioned whether I was "good enough." And for the first time, I've realized that I am not the only one to think that.  There are other, successful people who have thought that too - and have done incredible things. The power of the mind is incredible.  And while... Continue Reading →

My Stalker Dream

The other day, I had a vivid dream that I had 2 stalkers. The first stalker happened to be an ex from high school. The second stalker I did not know, but my ex gave me his name when I figured out that he was following me, and was told that this person was in... Continue Reading →

Imperfect Happiness

Alright, so this post is going to be a little different. It's a little different because I didn't think about it, or plan it out, or say "does this fit the rest of my blog?"  The whole point of a blog is to write.  And I have been neglecting to do that, and there are... Continue Reading →

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