Pull the corners of my mouth into a smile Wrap your wings around me for a while Red thread ripping all my seams Let the numbness take over me Black tides wash me up on shores of glory Sparkling sands of ancient gold Ashen soul take hold Cold hands feel the heat Magnetic pull beyond … Continue reading Puppeteer

A Letter

This is a bit of a different style than my usual. This is an open letter, to express how I feel. Like a page in a diary, or paper crumpled in a waste basket. The kind of words that I would expect to carry to my casket. I knew something was going on, but I … Continue reading A Letter

The Path

I am on a path not taken A road to awaken the fire burning deep inside Forsaken Soul quaking beneath my bones, heart aching Truth breaking past the lies behind these eyes – shouting far beyond the stars and clouded skies I rise Shaking to the core I endure all that is before me Don’t … Continue reading The Path


You were my point to prove I didn’t think I had anything left to lose Then I lost you, though I suppose I never had… And then I lost myself.


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