I close my eyes And I see your face And I see all the things that I used to be Put me in my place — I breathe it all in Under the glimmering stars I don’t care what love’s in the air I know what you are — You are the demon Reflected in … Continue reading Sycamore

Black Hole

You walk into the same room For a moment, we are alone I feel a force far greater than I’ve ever known A gravity tugging at the particles of my being A force to be reckoned with Yet kind? And forgiving? I divert and distract Not knowing what to say I can’t meet your eyes … Continue reading Black Hole


Skyscraper Pen and paper Walls closing in False heroes Brace for collapse Relapse Relapse Relapse


She’s hollowTrying to followA heartOnce brokennow bandagedBound byUngranted wishesUnder swallowed starsNeeding someone mostLocked in a room aloneTeardropsOn keyboard strokesSilent heartacheHeartbreakGasping for airGrasping for the notionThat someoneanyonecaresFoundation crumblingHer words – she’s stumblingNothing makes sense anymoreThe black voidIs swallowing her whole


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