If I Could

If I could grow wings And carry you away Wipe the tears from your eyes Erase the pain If I could hold you forever Embed the warmth of a cup of tea Into the depths of your soul If I could provide the perfect words To soothe your ears If I could make you feel … Continue reading If I Could


He preaches eternal life Yet his eyes are dark and sunken He preaches happiness Yet frown lines dig trenches into his Pompous, white skin He is ignorant of the pain Providing sermon, not comfort Citing teardrops and rain Eyes look away Measuring swirls in the carpet Anger, resentment, contempt Right words? Wrong time Wrong place

Floating Poetry

When I close my eyes And tune you in I sob your sorrow I sense your sin Floating poetry With words unspoken A thundering soul Heartbroken


I close my eyes And I see your face And I see all the things that I used to be Put me in my place — I breathe it all in Under the glimmering stars I don’t care what love’s in the air I know what you are — You are the demon Reflected in … Continue reading Sycamore


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