I know you – Well, perhaps I don’t know you – Or perhaps I don’t know you… But between you and me Lies another reality Tuned to an ethereal melody. Our souls are grasping At star-speckled strings Trying to play what could be – Or maybe – I don’t know… Maybe I’m just crazy.


Floating In a sea of stars A flicker A mist All that we are Heaven hold me close I’m drifting too far Close my eyes Take my heart Erase the lies Bring me back To the start


I’m a lone wolf Nuzzle my neck Cigarette breath What are you tryin’ to pull? Heart cast in the dark Soul turned cold Howls in the moonlight I’ve gone rogue Try to tame me Blame me Shame me Make me yours Sit Stay Roll over No More This wolf is not owned I walk Alone


Roll over Let me feed you treats Tail wag Let me please I nip at the hand That feeds Puppy eyes Little white lies I triple dog dare you Bite me


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