Blue Bird

Repress the truth Remember what is at stake Fight for the chance to Make another mistake? Happiness is a blue bird Fleeting, with a beautiful tune But the bird perches On the branches made by you Time bandages wounds But the scars remain Maybe things feel new Again? When I said that all paths Lead…


You think it’s a choice Between you and him I have already chosen Waves of flames Come rushing in Let it burn It’s my turn


You are the lure in the night The darkness wrapped around me tight The velvet voice calling my name A monster unchained You are the calmness to my storm The blanket that keeps me warm The stillness of time The one I want to be mine You are the smile I wear during the day…


You have everything to gain And nothing to lose I fear you may use me Until you’re no longer amused I have taken your heart But I don’t know where to start You soothe the pain but The wounds still bleed I don’t know what it is That I need


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