You say Poetry isn’t real. That poetry and lyrics Are not the same. You tell me truths But the songs you sing Hold different meaning What am I How am I To adjust my tune?


Shadow observer A sly grin lines your mouth You’re watching, waiting But for what? You’ve set pieces in motion And I’m playing your favorite part But what is this uncertainty In my heart? What does he have to do with this? Why am I brought back to False memories Of pure bliss? What’s the motive? … Continue reading Chess


You visited in a dream Made me pancakes Topped with vanilla icecream You smiled And for that moment You were happy What do you want me to be? What do you mean to me? What do I mean to you? I don’t know what questions I can ask But I know a smile Looked good … Continue reading Pancakes


She’s a fighter A Phoenix Raised from ash She’s a fighter Try to break her And she’ll just laugh She’s a fighter A flame Burning steady in the rain She’s a fighter Don’t try her She knows the game She’s a fighter Stubborn Never knows her place She’s a fighter An angel With a baby … Continue reading Fighter


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