Hi!  My name is Amy.  This is a blog about my journey to balance the mind, body, and spirit while smashing life goals.


I am 25 years old, and am discovering how the universe works.  This blog is to reflect on my experiences, develop my spirit, and most importantly – share with you what I learn along the way.

My Background

I grew up on the Connecticut shoreline.  All my life, I’ve had a strong sense of intuition.  I had no resources or ways to tell what was happening…or how to make it stop.  Since I was a child, I was treated differently because I would share my experiences, not realizing they were not “normal.”

My “normal” was vivid dreams every night.  My “normal” was seeing people others could not.  My “normal” was seeing aura and thinking something was wrong with my eyesight.  My “normal” was constantly being on edge, because I had a switch stuck in the on position, leaving me open to anything at any given moment.

What’s Happening Now

Recently, I have discovered how to “tune in” when the switch is on.  And more importantly, how to shut it off.

I am coming to realize that this once perceived curse is actually a blessing.  And I am embracing my spirit to grow and develop as a person.  I want to share this journey, as I know I wish I had some sort of guidance, and I hope to help others find their balance.  I will provide resources to assist in finding your own path, and your own answers.


Everyone resonates differently with the energy I will be depicting in this blog.  Some people call it God, Jesus, Allah, etc.  This blog is not to be a platform for religious debates.  My belief is that regardless of what you call this sensation or this energy, it is ultimately the same.  What resonates most with me is “light,” “universe,” and “love.”  If those do not resonate with you, simply replace the terms with what fits your fancy.  Accept what feels right, and discard what does not.  Let’s not create division where it is not needed.

More About Me

Other than my not normal aspects, I live a “normal” life.  I have a rambunctious tuxedo cat, a loving long-time partner, and a job in a small city.  I enjoy kayaking, hiking, yoga, wine/beer tasting, tea, and fuzzy blankets.

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