The Path

I am on a path not taken

A road to awaken the fire burning deep inside


Soul quaking beneath my bones, heart aching

Truth breaking past the lies behind these eyes – shouting far beyond the stars and clouded skies

I rise

Shaking to the core I endure all that is before me

Don’t ignore me

Observe the signs and walk the line I have paved and slaved for glory

Hallowed be in these hollowed minds

Distracted by these trifling times and commiserating on chosen anguish

Languish not in the holy light, bask in the brightness of your birth right

Do not bind or blind yourself with that which is not real

Do not lose sight of what it is to feel

Speak the words that echo in the sacred halls of your mind

Keep the kindness in mankind

Let the present flow through you and you become infinite

Let these words reach you, fellow Querent

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