I close my eyes

And I see your face

And I see all the things that I used to be

Put me in my place

I breathe it all in

Under the glimmering stars

I don’t care what love’s in the air

I know what you are

You are the demon

Reflected in my eyes

You’re the crawl underneath my skin

In the middle of the night

You are the light

Shining from within

You’re everything and nothing

Angel drenched in sin

I’m listening to the stories you tell

Between the lines and lies

It’s a tale from Hell

You’re asking me what is wrong in my head

Well I’m not sure but I sure do know

That I’m better off dead


You are the darkness

Reflected in my eyes

You’re the fingertips stroking my skin

In the middle of the night

You are the light

Gleaming on a black hole’s rim

You’re everything and nothing

Oh please let me in

If God’s listening

Then please do tell

Why all the lines in the road

Lead me to this Hell hole

Oh Lord, set me free

Let him spread his wings

And take me away

Under a sycamore tree

He is the night

And the dawn of day

He is the life that I once lived

Begging me to stay

What’s happening

To this heart of mine

What once was sure just is no more

Jesus pour me some wine

1 thought on “Sycamore

  1. Again… I must say you have a flair for playing with words… Keep it up


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