Just a Dream

I had a dream about you…

You were holding me close

Nuzzling your smiling lips

On the back of my neck.

I breathed you in

My heart racing

At your admiring fingers

Tracing the curves of my hips.

She was there too

Back turned to us

Watching the same show on TV.

She didn’t seem to mind

And I didn’t understand…

It was a different house

In a different town

Same dogs, somehow…

It was Thanksgiving

And someone was asking about desserts

And I didn’t know who everyone else was

Or where he was…

I woke up guilty

But perhaps it isn’t so cut and dry –

Maybe it’s not you but me;

Perhaps I don’t know what I need;

You thought I hated you

But I think the opposite is true

I avoided you like the plague

Because I think, maybe

Part of me knew.

Wrong timeline

Wrong place

Wrong fate

That smirk on your face –

Jump forward 6 seconds, or

Go back 8 years –

You ripped me open

And weaseled your way back in.

What’s the purpose? What’s the plan?

Why would you do this

All over again?

This is just a rant

Of all the things I can’t say

But if I put them in a verse

Maybe it’ll come out in a way

That doesn’t destroy everything

I love

1 thought on “Just a Dream

  1. Oh what a dream that was … Started out with soothing words and lashed out at the end…


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