Once upon a time, there was a flower.

The first admirer uprooted her, and put her in a pot. But when she needed water, he forgot.

Eventually she wilted, and he tossed her away – she was too high maintenance.

The flower found her roots again, for a moment, when the second admirer found her and scooped her up.

She was placed in a new pot and given water each day, but over time, he grew resentful pouring into her.

And she tried to be better – to be grateful and pure. She tried to not ask for much. She created a flower for him that filled the room. She gave too much.

He cut the bloom, and tossed her away.

And the flower yet again found her roots, sinking deeper into the soil. The next admirer came on by he was friendly and kind. And for a while, things were okay.

But he grew bored of her. Once he had her, the game was over. He stomped her to a pulp, and left.

Over time, she rebuilt herself. From seedling to stem. She tried to blend in with the grass. Yet when another admirer came, she braced herself for the pain.

But this one was different. He sat with her and talked. He watered her and loved her, even though she was just a stalk. He was there when it stormed, keeping flooding at bay. He scared the bugs and the birds away. And in time she bloomed, from her battered roots, into a beautiful flower.

Now she celebrates the sun in the morning each day, grateful for the love she has.

So if you love a flower

Don’t pick it up

Love is not possession

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