I stand in an unfamiliar place,

A valley, surrounded by mountains.

Below me is what appears to be mosaic tile

Full of symbols I cannot decipher.

Before me rises a hooded being,

with a face concealed by darkness.

I feel the piercing gaze upon me

Cutting through my soul like butter.

I cannot move from where I stand.

I feel a wave of fear, then defiance.

I demand answers.

“Take me to the place where

I am destined to be.”

A velvet voice coyly responds

“Are you sure?”

I repeat:

“Take me to the place where

I am destined to be.”

Suddenly the being is directly in front of me.

I can’t breathe.

The world starts spinning.

All I see is the void.

All I hear is suffering.

I desperately try to break free, to

Dislodge myself from this “bad dream…”

Now every night when I go to sleep

The back of my mind hears

The velvet voice creep,

“Let me take you.”

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