Making Time for Wellness

I have noticed that I have a bad habit of neglecting my needs in order to achieve things. I tell myself I need to go hard – constantly – in order to get “ahead.” I have since realized this is partially why I keep burning out. I don’t give myself any sort of love or breathing room when I’m chasing goals. I don’t dedicate time for myself. I go for the goal and only the goal – which is great for small ones, but not for long term.

I saw a profound quote while mindlessly scrolling the other day. It said something along the lines of:

If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to spend time on your illness.

That hit home. Hard.

This blog is all about finding balance. But I’ve been neglecting so many parts of myself, even in the pursuit of what means a lot to me. I will kick butt in the gym, but feel spiritually empty because I eliminated that space. I will feel wonderfully spiritual, but physically feel like a sack of potatoes because I haven’t gotten off the couch.

I am not any one thing, and I need to stop treating myself that way.

Take care of yourself!

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