Stretched but Not Broken

I had a pretty magical moment today.

I decided that my original affirmation of weighing 135 pounds by December 31st wasn’t doing me any good – it was too numbers driven, and did not encourage me to pursue what truly makes me happy.

I decided it was time to change my vision board to reflect more of what I’m looking for. I also decided that instead of hiding it in the closet, I would hang it at my desk.

I went into the garage to find our picture hanging kit we bought a little while back, and stumbled upon my first set of mala beads. I then got the idea to incorporate them into the vision board (as I couldn’t wear them – the cord was too stretched out).

I didn’t find the picture hanging kit in the garage but figured I’d look again later. I went to decorating the vision board.

As I was holding the mala beads, I let myself get lost in them. I had a sense of twisting and turning it, making infinity signs in the stretched out sections of cord. To my surprise, in this sort of “flow” state I created a knot that merged the mala back to its original state!

I knotted it a few times over, cut off the excess (in my mind it was like I was letting the past/”damage” go) and now it’s back! I was always a bit down about how it never really “broke” but rather just kind of went “bleh.” Now I appreciate it even more. Yes, it’s still very much worn and is probably fragile, but it’s whole again!

This was also a really big revelation for me. All this time I thought I was beyond repair. I thought that I could never get “back” to how I was – before the thyroid problems, before the hormonal issues, before the hospital. This showed me that if you believe and resonate with The Universe, anything is possible. If you trust, you will transcend what you believed was possible.

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