Someday is Not a Day of the Week

I am staring down at my Passion Planner (my lifesaver – check them out here) and a quote is sticking out to me. “Someday is not a day of the week.”

I did things this week in a bit of an opposite fashion. Typically, I plan things out and have some sort of semblance as to what I’m going to write about. This week, I have made the commitment to post every day – even if I am not sure what I’m going to write about.

I still believe in that commitment. I still believe that no matter what, it is important for me to keep creating and to keep trying – even if I do not know the right direction. I think it’s important because I truly believe that if you believe in something, and if you put in the effort, you will learn and grow from that experience.

There are days that are better than others. There are twists and turns and sometimes my creative juices are running low. Today happens to be one of those days where I need to recuperate.

So why bother posting?

Because the point of my blog is not to say I have things figured out. Actually, after some self-reflection today, I realize how absolutely clueless I am. But that’s okay. That’s not the point. I am not an expert telling you how to live your life. Instead, this is sharing a journey. I may stumble and fall, and other times may seem like I have it all figured out. Either way, I share what I learn along the way.

Someday is not a day of the week. Posting consistently to my blog “someday” is no longer an option. Pursuing my passions “someday” is not how I choose to live my life anymore. I will continue to show up – even on my “off” days like today.

I am grateful that you are here with me, and look forward to the week ahead!

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