Aliens from Outer Space Are Coming for My Blog

I woke up this morning from a rather strange dream. The details and specifics are a bit blurred, but the moment that stood out was when my fiancé and I were in our apartment, and we saw a UFO in the sky. It had a green light and seemed to be the saucer-like type, until it expanded into what looked like a mothership, cast a large, green hand in the sky and warped back into hyperspace.

I asked if we should call the authorities to tell them what we’ve seen. My fiancé, in contrast, whipped out his phone and was convinced that aliens were being drawn to our high-speed internet and my blog. I needed more local followers to deter their interest. We needed to change internet providers.

Haha what?

My interpretation of the dream is that the UFO represents the unknown. There wasn’t a lot of fear in the dream, and instead it was a semi-freaked out state of wonder. I wasn’t fearful as to invasion, but rather wondered what it was that they wanted. We took efforts to cover up the windows with coats or sheets or something (though I felt pretty okay that the mothership wouldn’t be back right away). UFO’s represent being “out there” in the Universe, not necessarily confirmed or denied. It’s a lot like trying to be a successful blogger online – trying to be the little UFO that gets noticed in the vast starry sky of the internet. The idea of being a successful blogger brings me wonder…and also causes me to freak out. So the UFO seemed fitting for my brain, I suppose. Considering I like to read and blog about the workings of the greater cosmos, I am assuming my subconscious also made those connections to UFO’s and my blog.

“We must find the blogger. She will take us to their leader.”

So what does it all mean?

I think it’s about taking on something “alien” and new. It’s about my fears of getting unexpected (and potentially unwelcome) attention. It’s about my fears of security (thus why I wanted to call the authorities) and a fear of getting followers from the “wrong” places (apparently outer space).

I think what’s most important though was my reaction to all of this in the dream was not necessarily negative. I was cool and calculated, thinking things out. I also had a sense that the negativity was passing/temporary (hence why we were in our apartment as opposed to our house, and why the UFO warped away). I felt the semi-freaked out state of wonder, and instead of running for the hills, I thought about how I could apply it to my blog. Woke up…and here we are!

Welcome the UFO’s in your life. Even if they freak you out a little. Accept that you don’t know everything, and find wonder in the everyday.

And if it’s an actual UFO with real aliens… I guess tell them to visit my blog?

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