Admittedly, I have been in a funk the past few weeks.  I lost weight, gained weight and lost weight again.  The “Christmas spirit” was lost to me – despite gift giving, volunteering and listening to holiday hits.  Of course with the holiday tradition of eating and drinking too much, my body felt run down too – which is when I realized all of me felt run down.  It was not until Christmas Eve (where I downed Tums in hopes to combat my acidic, unhappy stomach) that I realized why I was feeling so “blah.”

I have been focusing on my body, but not on my health.

Health is not just about physical wellness.  It is about spiritual and mental wellness too.  I have been neglecting those aspects of myself, which is why despite efforts to instill Christmas “cheer,” I found myself feeling drained.  I have put all of this effort into eating right and working out… but not enough effort into self-care, mindfulness, prayer and caring for my spirit.  My mind and my spirit have become drained, exhausted versions of themselves.

In efforts to find balance, I am going to partake in Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Journey.  I found Yoga with Adriene back in 2016 while browsing through YouTube, and she is a phenomenal yoga teacher.  I truly appreciate what she has to offer (free yoga) and think this 30 day journey will help kickstart 2019 in the right direction – one that is not focused on my body, but rather, my being.

1 thought on “Being

  1. Wonderful insight! I’ve watched her videos some months ago; I may partake in her 30 day journey as well. Thanks for the reminder.


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