Bonfire Reflections

It’s been a while.  And a lot has changed.

We bought our first home – and since then, it’s been a never-ending list of projects.  The weeks have passed by in a blur of hanging curtains, pulling weeds, installing appliances, and having family dinners.  It has been nothing short of amazing!  And yet in this rush of welcome mats and lightbulbs…  I find it challenging to pause here on this blog.

This all marks a new chapter.  A new chapter in our relationship, where chores are dispersed more evenly and smoothly.  A new chapter in our lives, where hosting is fun instead of, well, embarrassing.  I am so incredibly grateful and happy for having this wonderful roof (even though it should probably be replaced within five years) over our heads.  Even our cat seems happier here, bounding around, running up stairs he’s never seen before.  It all feels right.

If you have read my post Rediscovering Home, I mentioned how home was not so much a place, but rather where your heart feels the most love and happiness.  And even though there are happy memories in our old apartment, the apartment pales in comparison to this lovely little house.  It’s a new era (with a dishwasher!  and a washer and dryer!) that we have worked very hard for.  And I’m so so grateful for it.


One thing that I feel isn’t really talked about regarding homeownership, is how it pushes you to do more than you thought you were capable of.  Here we are, amateurs at DIY-anything, hanging curtains, TV’s, and painting walls.  We made countless trips to Home Depot.  And with each project, we became more inspired and confident in our own growing abilities.

I know nothing when it comes to gardening.  But I find that I enjoy it and am looking to learn more!  I will probably have a lot of dead plants along the way, but I know over time I will learn and get better.  And that’s what matters!

Overall, I feel so much more fulfilled outside of work.  The weekends consist of a balanced blend of projects and relaxation.  I feel productive (but not to the point of over-doing it) while being able to sit back and appreciate our efforts.  One day at a time, one step at a time, we gradually get closer to making our space what we want it to be.

And finally being able to have bonfires isn’t so bad, either.


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