A Little Bit of Faith and Luck

Hello all!

So sorry I’ve been so silent lately!  Our offer got accepted on a house and it’s been absolutely crazy!  I’ve been wanting to write this post for a few days, but admittedly I’ve gotten distracted with all sorts of house stuff (I cannot wait to paint! and OH EM GEE APPLIANCES!).  I also wanted to make sure family members knew before I started posting about it.  So I apologize for being so quiet this past week!

After having many offers turned down, or a cash offer to swoop in and take something last minute, we were feeling pretty low and were petrified to get our hopes up.  In fact, this house was one that James had stumbled upon while at the laundromat, after we “established” we would take a break from house hunting for a bit (obviously that did not last long).  In all of this, I was so desperate to hope, but so scared to be hurt.  We had submitted our offer and were waiting in limbo, though things seemed positive.  I prayed and prayed, asking for a sign that if this house was the one meant for us, to let me know.

What I wanted to write about here is that I got two signs!  When I was heading home from work, there was a tractor trailer that passed on the other side of the highway, with lights arranged in a cross on the front grill.  For some reason, my eye caught it, and I looked over to see it.  I had never really seen that before (though I know it can be common) and it prompted a little “huh…” moment.  I was not exactly convinced, though felt that it was a little nudge from the Universe – perhaps to have more faith in the Universe’s workings.

I pondered, and continued to think about the house (while simultaneously trying not to think about it) when I reached the gas station.  As I went through my normal routine, I glanced up, and on the roof of my car was a lady bug.  I smiled and remarked, “Hey little guy, what are you doing up there?”  The lady bug stayed, and I thought to myself how they are a symbol of good luck.  As I finished up and sat back in my car, I felt at ease.  The Universe heard me, and was assuring me that it would all be okay.

The next morning, we got the great news that our offer was accepted!  It was very lucky with the timing, as a cash offer came through after the paperwork was signed.  It seems that faith and luck were on our side with this one.

The next few weeks are going to be hectic at best, between getting things arranged for the house, extra hours at work, and our vacation next week.  I will do my best to stay consistent (as there is a growing list of things I want to share with you and am so excited!) but appreciate your patience during this semi-chaotic time!

I will certainly share our new place once things are all said and done! 🙂

xo Amy

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