New Office Reveal!

So as I mentioned in Taking Myself Seriously, I purchased a new desk for our office after years of loathing the one I had.  My intent was to have this new desk revealed for yesterday, but then I was hit with some nasty food poisoning yesterday (first time for everything, right?).  My fiancé James was wonderful enough to put everything together for me when I couldn’t, because he know how much I wanted to have it done this weekend.  I’m so grateful for him in making this all possible!  Without further ado…

Office – Before:

So there were quite a few issues with our office before.  The large, dark desk made the small room seem even smaller, and there was a large amount of visual clutter.  Even with it being “sort of” organized, the sight of it brought instant tension and aggravation, making it a very difficult space to work with and enjoy.  The printer would occasionally spit pages onto the floor, to where our cat would zealously crinkle them (he loves crinkly things).  It was sort of a faux-organized chaos, where I could not really see the divide between “work” and play.  Plus I just hate seeing papers if I don’t need to.  The desk arrived on Tuesday, so I was eager to get things started!


I initially thought the most difficult part of this would be assembling and putting together the new desk and shelving.  What I quickly realized was that when my dad assembled the old desk, he used as much wood glue as possible.  This resulted in a very stalled tear-down of the office, and it took most of the week.


We had gotten the top of the desk taken off (after what felt like forever) and started to take apart what we could with the screws that we could undo via screwdriver (we do not have a power drill and did not intend on needing one for this).  The result was a leaning desk that was entirely unstable, and we were unable to disassemble further without demolishing it.

When we put the top of the desk in the dumpster, we discovered there were two squirrels trapped inside.  We were able to lean the top of the desk toward the outside of the dumpster, and it seems like they were able to climb it and get out (we checked the next day and they were gone).  So I’m glad that the top of the desk got a good final use!

James eventually ended up destroying the bottom portion of the desk outside, while I “supervised” as my sickly self.  Once the desk was out of the office, we had plenty of room to assemble the new one, which was actually a piece of cake!  It took next to no time, though I made sure to try to document some of the shenanigans, as my cat really wanted to run the show:

He even pawed at the looser screws as if to say, “Hey!  You missed one!”


He also very much approved our new cubby cubes.


While I was getting sick (I had a little too much Powerade and tried to assemble things – my stomach did not like that one bit), James put the shelving together and put things in place.  By the end of the day yesterday, our office was looking much better:

And now, as of this morning, the office is practically complete (aside from some other things I want to do to tidy up the room on the other side).  THE GRAND REVEAL:

Overall it was a super awesome project for around $200 that made a HUGE difference in our space.  I’m sitting here typing, enjoying the sound of birds, and feel like this space is now really uniquely ours.  I’m in love with it and don’t want to leave this room anytime soon!

If you’re interested in seeing what products I used to have this makeover be “possible,” they’re listed below.  I’m not sponsored or affiliated in any way, but am always wary of having “larger” purchases (especially furniture and things!) come from online.  I ordered everything from Amazon, and can vouch that my experience with these purchases were all fantastic!

The desk I got for $65.00, which was an amazing deal.  For some reason it’s showing the price now as higher, so I’m not sure if I got it while it was on sale?  Regardless, it’s a great buy if you want something simple, solid, and easy to assemble!  I was worried it would show up dinged, scratched, or cracked, but it arrived in perfect shape.  You can get the desk here.

The shelving I got for about $50.00, which is now showing around $33.00 (so if you’re interested definitely pick it up!).  You can have the shelves fit your needs, so we ended up adjusting it to have it accommodate the cubby cubes I got.  You can get the shelving here, and the cubby cubes here.

The storage ottoman is one of my favorites, because it goes so well with everything, and makes my desk both a place to do things and relax.  It has some crazy load amount (like 400lbs?!) so you can sit on it if you want.  I almost got a bigger one, and might in the future so I can have the reading nook I’ve always wanted!  You can get the ottoman here.

For a finishing touch, I got the mini desk lamp and lightbulbs.  The desk lamp you can get here, and lightbulbs here.

Everything else we already had around, so there wasn’t much in extra costs.  I intend on getting a little more for decoration, but for now, I’m quite happy with it!

Thanks for reading and being a part of our office makeover journey!  It’s definitely been a wild ride!  How have you made use of small spaces?  Do you have any go-to tips or tricks for organization?  Share in the comments!

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