Blogging Workshop

Today I attended a blogging workshop hosted by Sam Brown (if you haven’t checked her out, you absolutely should at  I have been struggling with this blog, feeling a bit “pigeon-holed” into only talking about spirituality.  And while that’s a huge thing, I realized I wanted to make this blog reach more people and be more helpful.  I realized then that my journey, while being spiritual, has also been trying to achieve balance between mind, body, spirit, and success (kicking butt in my career).  I realized that I am definitely not alone in this journey, and that I would like to share it with you – not just the spiritual aspect, but the whole picture. 

There will be a bit of restructuring happening here in the coming weeks, but I am actually really excited to see what all of this brings!  I am so grateful to those who have stuck with me so far, and promise there are great things to come!  I have a lot of great ideas for this blog, and feel that I can bring out its full potential now.  Stay tuned!

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