Review: The Game of Life and How to Play It

This book was one of the most profound reads I’ve had.  Despite not being the most religious individual, I have gained so much from this book, and have throughly enjoyed it.  It is an incredibly easy read, and takes concepts from religion (love, truth, etc) and applies them in ways that I never thought of.  In all honesty, it makes religion incredibly relatable, approachable, and understandable – something I never really had before.

Not only that, but I think the lessons it has apply to all different aspects of life.  Ultimately, you get what you put in to the Universe, and when you “mess up” (as we all do) love is the way to find balance and re-align yourself on the correct path again. It might sound a bit “mumbo-jumbo” to some, but trust me – even if you gain only one thing from this book, you will find it valuable as it applies to all different aspects of life.

It is one of the first books where, aside from assigned texts for college, I went back and marked pages and passages to visit when I feel it is appropriate.  Whether it comes to buying our first house, figuring out what career path is best, or facing the general anxiety surrounding day to day living, this book offers value.  Plus, it’s super cheap.  So why not pick it up?

You can order it on Amazon here!

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