I Chopped Off My Hair!

I chopped off my hair.  For a few reasons, actually.

The first is, I chopped off my hair once before.  I loved it.  I loved having short hair, and I loved the flexibility I had with all sorts of different styles and textures that I could not play around with donning my long, curly locks.  Unfortunately during that time I was just starting college, and had no idea where to go to for cut touch-ups.  I also had no money.

The second is, ever since, I have wanted to give short hair a proper chance.  But I had always denied myself because I had gained weight since 2013, and thought I wasn’t “skinny” enough to have short hair.  How awful, right?  How mean?  I literally denied myself a haircut for over 4 years because I didn’t feel “good enough” for it.  HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

I have since decided that I am more than “good enough.”  And that it is absolutely ridiculous to deny oneself a haircut solely based on stigmas, self-sabotage, or what other people may think.  I may not be as skinny as I want to be (ugh) but I have always wanted to be at my old weight and have short hair again.  Now, I’m halfway there!

Moral of the story: Don’t let your mind limit you or sabotage you into being less than who you are meant to be.  

Also, you can pull off whatever look you want to ❤

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