Pursuing My Passion

When we think of productivity, we think of to-do lists, bullet journals, fancy planners, sticky notes, and perfectly aligned lives.  We see the Instagram posts, the “5 things to be more productive” posts, and fall in love with the ideal that we will become the latte sipping, beloved blogger in a cafe, equipped with dashing glasses and a stylish scarf.  Or maybe that’s just me?

What I’ve come to learn is that life does not always fit in a sticky note or to-do.  Life can get hectic and crazy.  And sometimes those go-to planning methods really end up being ways to procrastinate on actually doing the tasks you are planning to do.  (Sam Brown touches on this a lot in her blog posts – check her out at www.smart-twenties.com)

Over and over again, I have re-planned blogs.  I have created different niches, thinking they will stick.  I have written posts never published, and have even gone back and deleted the ones that I thought weren’t “good enough.”  In reality, I think a lot of us have done this.

I am not claiming to have any of this figured out.  But I think it is so easy to get caught up in the planning, the “right” blog, and the “perfect” post, that it ends up with nothing getting actually done.

Am I 100% sure on what I want to write about?  Nope.  But deep down I know I am happy writing, and I am meant to be writing.  If I keep trying (because let’s face it – success is not magic and it requires work), I will find that “right” blog and write the posts that make me the happiest (and most helpful).

To all of you still muddling through, I encourage you to just write.  In time, with effort and practice, you will find the answers that you are looking for.  Don’t stress the theme, the fonts, or the “niche.”  Write your heart out, put yourself out there, and let people know that you’re on a journey to figure things out.  Pursue your passion.  It’s all good.  We can journey together.


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