Hello Again

I first wanted to apologize for how absent I have been.  The hectic-ness of life tends to take over sometimes, between full-time work, school…  It can become difficult to achieve balance.  So, besides this being an obligatory check-in to assure that yes, I am still alive and yes, I am still here…  I wanted to vent out a bit of what’s going on (spiritually) in my life so perhaps you can grasp as to why I have been so MIA.

I started reading.  The first book I read was The Game of Life and How to Play It.  It opened my mind and made me realize that lately, the vibes I have been placing into the Universe have not been very positive.  It made me recalibrate my thinking, my placement in the world…

What all this boils down to is – I am trying to become my best self.  But I am not quite sure how to get there yet.  I am looking for guidance – obvious guidance, because I feel more “lost” lately.  There is still some darkness and baggage that is weighing me down.  I’m in the process of packaging it up nicely and sending it to space to be swallowed by a black hole.  I have everything packed, and am holding the ribbon to tie it up…but there is something causing hesitation.  Fear of success?  Fear of failure?  Fear in general?

I’m sending some love in this package.  A dash of faith.  A prayer to whoever wants to listen. I’m sending my pain in a beautifully wrapped present for the black hole to swallow.  With love, it will make planets, stars, and reverberate waves of divinity.

I am letting go.

[So I think I need some time to process.]

1 thought on “Hello Again

  1. I’d start one day at a time and trying to be mindful of my choices. Enjoy and have fun as you go about your day.

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