Rediscovering Home

I found myself in a petty text battle with a 43 year old real estate agent, and it made me realize that there is more to home than a house.

My long-time boyfriend and I have been in the process of house hunting.  Keep in mind, our lease is due to be up in February, but we are in no particular rush.  Our backs are not against some proverbial wall.  While we want a house, we want to play our cards right to ensure we can afford it without having to alter our current style of living very much.

There was a house we were interested in, and I reached out to my agent early in the week about taking a look at it over the weekend.  Everything was going very smoothly – we were excited and pretty informed about the home/area.  We perused online to learn more about the area, and while taxes were a little on the higher side, we thought it would be a great fit.

So when I got some texts late Friday afternoon, stating that we should go to the house/neighborhood prior to actually looking at the house, I was taken aback.  We were told we would be an “inconvenience to the sellers” if we ended up not actually being interested in the house (even with other showings happening before us).  The agent said she was not just a “door opener” and that she spoke to the listing agent and was convinced we would not like the house.  She did not relay what, exactly, the listing agent said that suddenly warranted this change.  She did not want to “waste time.”

While the intents may have been good, her communication of them were very off-putting and we knew she ultimately did not want to show us the house.  Being only the second house in our search, we decided that she would not work for us anymore.

In a way, I felt it was discriminatory – we are young, we are very well off for our age but do not come from money, and we are not married or with kids.  The sudden shift made it seem like we were not welcome to look at a house in a wealthier, family-oriented town.

I was fuming after all of this.  But then my boyfriend helped me to realize the truth.

Home is not a two car garage with a fireplace in the living room and an updated, open kitchen.  Home is what works for you; what brings a sigh of relief when you walk through the door; where you picture yourself curling up in blankets with coffee on a Saturday morning.

Our apartment, as unglamorous as it may be, is still home.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the rat-race of who has more square footage or nicer appliances or nicer cars or greener yards.  But ultimately, home is what makes you happy.  That’s what makes it special.

We’re going to stay in our current home for a little longer.  Considering that we’re starting at square one again, we’re going to take a break from the house race and focus on the good we have.  We’ll stash away more money, maybe even plan a trip with some of it, and enjoy our little slice of happiness that we have worked so hard to have.

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