Through My Eyes

When I gaze upon my surroundings, I see the trails of light extending around me.  They loop around tables, hover above heads. Like a flashlight beam that you have stared at too long, the reflections remain at the surface of my eyes.  I shift my eyes, and the outlines of objects follow.  I blink and I see them etched onto my eyelids. If I focus, I feel the shifting and moving of the Universe. I am a cosmic ribbon, weaving my way through other threads but remaining untied. I am a medium, sometimes when I want to be and even when I don’t.

If I look into a mirror too long, the reflection turns alien. It no longer seems to reflect myself, but something else. I suppose I have never looked long enough to find out, but fear of being pulled somewhere where I cannot return. I have dreams and visions. I saw the doors of building I would enter for an interview long before I was there. I have seen movie spoilers. Felt illness in loved ones. Met shadows.

I used to be fearful, but I am much more accepting now. Because of this, I am far more in tune to my surroundings. My frequency has been raised, and I catch many more signals than I use to.

But ultimately, this is a gift. I have the ability to connect and resonate with people in ways others may not have. I have the ability to love deeper, to live more vividly. And I know I am meant to write about it. To talk about it. To raise awareness and bring more Light into this realm.

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