Vanilla Beliefs

I recently read a post where mindfulness and connecting to the Universe was bashed because it was coined a “trendy” and “vanilla” way of connecting with God (without calling it God).

I am going to pause for a moment. Because I could totally see how people connecting to your God and calling it something else can be really frustrating…except, I can’t at the same time.

Because we are all humans. We are all on this planet together. God created or stardust descendants or what have you, we are here together. And what’s crazy is that religious differences have literally caused so much hatred and violence… when really, we are all basically trying to resonate with the same energy. Religion is highly personal. And for me, personally, I do not resonate with the typical textbook religion. And it really made me feel like something was wrong with me, like I was “damned” or cursed. I remember how alone I felt, and no one deserves to feel that way because their heart/soul/being/spirit does not resonate with a certain philosophy. As long as you are not harming others, and are grounded in love (as opposed to hate) who cares if you prefer to worship differently than inside a church?

I understand the want to spread the word. Because hey, connecting to God or connecting to the Universe or whatever resonates most with you is an awesome experience. Love is best when spread to others. But I do not understand putting other people’s beliefs down because yours is “better.” I do not condone spreading division and hatred when we should really be focusing on loving each other.

It hurts me when I see people fighting over what unites us. It hurts me to see people putting other people down over what heals them. It hurts me to see people tearing each other down when we should be focusing on building each other up.

Let’s not hurt each other. Let’s respect and appreciate each other’s differences, because that is how we learn and grow ourselves. Let’s spread love. Please.

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