Not Just Coincidence

Part of what I want to discuss is three (of many) experiences that validate the concept that there is more in this life than just the day to day we live.  I feel the need to share these, because I am still developing and growing these senses and part of me honestly wants to prove I am not actually crazy.

I am going to list these, in no particular order.  This will also be a far from all-inclusive list, but it will probably give you a feel for why this blog is here in the first place.

Coincidence 1: Wild Hogs

I was watching the movie “Wild Hogs” with my parents.  It was some weird “biker” movie that had Tim the Toolman Taylor in it.  We did not watch it in theatre, and had rented it to watch at home.  There was a scene that began, and as it was playing, I saw in my mind’s eye how the scene would end.  The view from this “vision” (for lack of better words) panned out from the TV screen, and showed my brother sitting with us.  Snapping back into reality, the scene played exactly as I had seen in my mind’s eye (despite it not being displayed in trailers and having never seen the movie before).  What stuck out to me was that my brother was not with us, which prompted me to ask my mother where he was.

My mother went upstairs to find he was cutting himself.

Coincidence 2: The Flying Ball

I was at my parents house, throwing a “jelly” ball down the hall.  It would bounce off the door, and bounce back to me.  As I was throwing it, I gained a sense that something was getting angry with me.  I was not really sure what it was, but tried to discard it and kept throwing it.

The ball deflected off the door at an angle on one throw, and I heard it get lost in a mess of tools nearby.  I got up and went to the end of the hall to investigate, but after about 10 minutes of searching, I could not find the ball.  I was bummed, and went back to where I was seated, throwing the ball before.

I looked up, to suddenly see the ball hurdling toward my face.  It came from the center of the door at the end of the hall, and no one was around to throw it.  I dodged the ball, and the momentum suddenly stopped.  The ball did not arc, it simply dropped to floor next to me.

I stopped playing with it.

Coincidence 3: The Ghost Town

I woke up one Saturday, around 1:50AM, from a very odd and perturbing dream.  The basics went like this: We were in my mother’s Subaru, and got into a really bad wreck.  The entire roof of the SUV was gone, down to the doors.  We were all luckily okay, without a scratch, but it was a ghost that had caused us to crash.  So, we were stuck in this town, haunted by a ghost, where apparently if you thought it about it, it was more likely to haunt you (great concept, right?).

The dream itself was not very scary, but it still left me really shook for some reason.  The next morning, my friend texted me about a really bad accident near her house (an hour away for myself).  It was a vehicle vs. tree, where the vehicle split in half.  They were driving a Subaru.  The person died.  I was sad, but did not think anything of it relating to the dream I had.  Frankly, I was too tired from a bad night’s sleep to comprehend all that much that day.

What we discovered the next week was that the person that died sold my mother her Subaru.  And the time of my dream was the time the crash occurred.

After so many of these kinds of “coincidences,” I have entertained the thought that perhaps they are not coincidences at all.  Perhaps they are indicative of a natural, deeper connection to the energy that connects us all.  

Makes sense, right?

I can add more of these experiences in other posts if people are interested, but really, the point here is to give a sense of validity to the intuitive feelings we have.  We are all connected.  I am fortunate enough to be connected to the Universe and the energy that flows between us, without exerting much effort into it.  This is why I want to develop it, and share with others – because I am sure I am not the only one who has had these sort of “coincidences.”

Have you experienced anything similar?  Share in the comments below!

1 thought on “Not Just Coincidence

  1. Too many to list. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe just as you say that we have a connection to something far deeper. If we can access that part of ourselves and connect and then reach out it is amazing what we will become aware of. Things most other people won’t even believe but that I know are true. If you search my blog for Grace. It will tell of a story where I was working in a nursing home and I went home one night and woke up in the middle of a deep sleep that told me to go see grace. I drove to the nursing home just in time to hold her hand as she passed away. Coincidence? No way!

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