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Part of the purpose of this blog is to assist people like myself, who are just starting out on a spiritual journey and are not really sure where to begin.

I was fortunate enough to really have things fall into place (funny how these things happen?).  After a brief discussion about spirituality with my therapist (see guys – I am clinically not crazy!) she suggested for me to perhaps be more open to it.  Part of me was like as if, but the following weekend I spoke with my very religious friend who did a tarot card reading (a highly accurate one at that) and gave me two books.

The first book, which I have begun reading and already LOVE is below.  Exercise 4 is absolutely life changing if you are anything like me, and constantly getting “feedback” (that’s a nice way of putting a bunch of conglomerate, jumbled messages from the Universe).  I never had an off switch before.  I repeat, I never had an off switch before and this book changed my life.


I was fortunate to have this given to me, but it’s also super cheap on Amazon (please note: I do not have affiliate links and will definitely notify you if there were changes to that.  Take me in all of my crazy, honest glory – this book is awesome).  Maybe when I’m done with it I can do a giveaway!?

I was also given a dream interpretation book.  I have a tendency to be pretty decent at interpreting my dreams (perhaps being an English major has helped with interpreting symbolic things?).  I don’t see myself using it all that much, but I figured it’s worth mentioning because I can definitely see how it would be helpful!

There was only one semi-sketchy Amazon link for this book, but this is what it looks like:


It seems like this one may be from 1974 – there are probably more updated versions.  But I figured I would put it here in case it helps!

So, that’s really it for this post!  I will continue to post resources and books that may be helpful.  I have a whole reading list, so there will be more coming soon.  And if you like the idea of free stuff and giveaways, let me know in the comments below!  

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